Applying a systems approach to catalyzing improvements in the social determinants of health in Eaton County


As innovative leaders and listeners, we seek to create an upward spiral of possibilities through engaging collaborations that result in sustainable improvements in community health and vitality.



great works

for greater good.


We believe in thought-provoking, catalytic, and emerging strategies that align intellectual, investment, and social capital for unleashing the potential of a community ecosystem.


StreetHeart: resident-led neighborhood vitality projects


Pop Health: collaborating with local health care 


Eaton County Human Services Collaborative projects


All ECH initiatives are rooted in a systems approach to the Social Determinants of Health. We catalyze elements that impact the root causes of barriers to resident-defined optimal health. We seek to help neighborhoods build capacity to continuously improve health & vitality. 

7 Elements of

Healthy Communities

1. Meets the basic needs of residents

A healthy community creates a compassionate social, economic, and political environment where people have full opportunities to meet basic needs for themselves and their families, to build assets, and to advance themselves.


2. Promotes health and wellness

A healthy community assures access to high quality health services on a personal, community and systems level and promotes a healthy lifestyle.


3. Creates quality education and learning opportunities for all ages

A healthy community opens themselves to new ideas and provides high quality education and life-long learning for all members of the community.


4. Ensures a vibrant and diversified economy

A healthy community fosters an economy that is diverse, vital and innovative, that grows strong businesses and business districts, and creates adequate jobs and income for residents.


5. Provides broad access to arts and culture

A healthy community encourages a wide variety of recreational, historical and cultural opportunities.


6. Fosters strong and connected neighborhoods and communities

A healthy community assures equal opportunity for all individuals to participate in and influence decisions that affect each of their lives and embraces diversity and promotes a “sense of community.”


7. Protects and stewards the natural environment

A healthy community helps preserve and sustain the environment.

Our team at Eaton Community Health has been inspired by the 7 Elements of Healthy Communities, discovered years ago at The Seattle Foundation (which has since added the 8th element of Global Giving).  The framework of the 7 Elements of Healthy Communities can be found in several organizations in Eaton County and in Barry County. 


Common frameworks provide a useful common language for community change.



Eaton Community Health includes staff, board members, consultants, and networks of people committed to improving the health and vitality of communities in Eaton County.

Barbara Fulton, Ph.D.

Barbara serves in the role of Executive Director for ECH, after 12+ years as the Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital Community Development Director.

Barbara has a passion for community transformation and philanthropy.

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Kalli Dempsey

Kalli Dempsey now serves as the Neighborhood Coordinator for ECH's StreetHeart project.  This long range resident-led project creates health and vitality... and does so one neighborhood at a time.


Kalli serves ECH within the context of her role on the population health team at Sparrow Eaton Hospital. 

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Board of Directors


   Thomas Eveland, Chair

   Mike DeGrow, Vice-Chair

   Lori Pray, Secretary

   Denise Wheaton, Treasurer

   Bill Barnes, Ed.D. 

   Denise Cornelius

   Frederick Darin, O.D.

   Charles Grundstrom

   Tedda Hughes, J.D.

   Lindsay Peters

   Gary Wichman

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Eaton Community Health (ECH)


Eaton Community Health is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Our 990 filings are available on the website.  They are also available on request via email:  


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